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  • Feedback and the Johari Window

    Posted on February 26th, 2009 Ryan Suydam 4 comments
    Feedback and the Johari Window

    The Client Feedback Tool uses many of the premises described by the Johari Window. The Johari Window describes two axis of feedback:

    • Asking for Feedback (Horizontal)
    • Giving Feedback (Vertical)

    In brief, the health of your relationship with someone (a client for example) can be measured by the SIZE of your “arena” (see the diagram). The more you ask for feedback, the more awareness you develop about yourself – reducing your blind spot and increasing your arena (the vertical line moves to the left). Likewise, the more feedback you provide, the smaller your facade, and again, the bigger your arena (the horizontal line moves down).

    Diagram of the Johari Window

    Diagram of the Johari Window

    Using a feedback system to constantly ask for feedback from clients will increase the health of your client relationships. When you know what your clients think and feel about your project processes, you have eliminated your blind spot. Being aware of your relationships’ quality allows you to make intelligent, informed business decisions (such as when a client will be amenable to a fee increase).

    Likewise, building a healthy system of communication by asking for feedback frequently will enable you to give feedback to your clients as well. With an open feedback loop, you can both guide and tweak each others’ processes to create better performing projects for everyone.

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