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  • Mike Phillips to present at AIA SAR 2009

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    DesignFacilitator’s Mike Phillips will be presenting  a session Friday at 4:00pm entitled “The Power of Feedback: A Simple Strategy for Succes,” at the The South Atlantic Region of the American Institute of Architects (AIA SAR) 2009 Conference in Greenville, SC. 

    The 2009 SAR Conference, held  September 30- October 4th, offers workshops, seminars, tours, and an expo.  For more information, visit their website:
  • Can I send a feedback survey on behalf of someone else?

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    In our travels and workshops, we have seen that many professions share common difficulties. One widespread limitation many firms experience is that their members simply do not request feedback frequently enough. When we ask the firm members why they don’t send more surveys, the responses range from “I forget to send them.” to “I don’t have time— can’t my administrative assistant or accounting people do this for me, perhaps when they send invoices?”

    The Client Feedback Tool Solution

    Fortunately, DesignFacilitator’s Client Feedback Tool solves these problems with its ‘Send-on-behalf-of’ feature.  With this feature, a firm manager can designate one or more firm members to send surveys on behalf of other firm members. For example, let’s say your firm manager has designated Al, an administrative assistant, to send surveys for you and other firm members. Acting as a proxy sender, Al creates a survey invitation in your name. All emails, responses and reports associated with this survey invitation will identify you as the sender. In fact, once Al sends the survey invitation, he cannot even see the answer report or modify the survey– but you can.

    How it works

    To begin, the firm manager designates proxy sender(s):

    1. Log in to
    2. Click My Firm in the left navigation pane, and then click Manage Firm Members in the right pane.
    3. In the 4th column, “Send On Behalf”, select the firm member(s) who will send surveys on behalf of other firm members.

    In order to send a feedback request, a proxy sender must know which survey template to send, when to send it, to whom, what project it regards, and so on. The Client Feedback Tool provides a convenient PDF form for this purpose. In the example above, you would probably fill in the form and give it to Al, because Al is sending the survey on your behalf . To obtain the form, log in to, click Other Resources in the left navigation pane, and then click Feedback Collection Information Request Form. Simply print the form and write in the data.

    Proxy senders follow the normal procedure for requesting feedback:

    1. Log in to
    2. Click My Feedback in the left navigation pane, then click ASK on the cycle graphic. Select Send a feedback survey
    3. Proxy senders (only) see a Send Survey on Behalf of: selection box at the top of the screen. There, they select which firm member to designate as the sender; that is, whose name will show in the invitation emails, the survey, the reports, and so on.

    Note:    The Client Feedback Tool identifies the proxy sender in only two places: the Answer Report and the Modify Survey Edit screen.

    You probably want to know if someone sends a survey using your name. So if your firm will designate proxy senders, we recommend that you visit your Set Preferences page in and make sure the first checkbox, “Survey sent on my behalf” is selected.

    With the Client Feedback Tool’s ‘Send-on-behalf-of’ feature, even the busiest professional in your organization can enjoy the many benefits of client feedback by delegating the survey-send task to an administrative or accounting assistant.

  • Johari Window, Part II

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    Johari Window, Part II

    I blogged about the Johari Window a few months ago here. In summary, the Johari Window is a very simple and quick exercise that any two (or more) people can engage to give and receive feedback quickly, simply, and openly.  I’ve recently come across two online implementations that are fun and easy to use.

    For those social media fans out there, you can use the Facebook application to share feedback with your friends and associates.  What you might learn about yourself is worth the effort.

    If you don’t do the Facebook thing, you can use a stand-alone web version.  No registration or hoops required, but it takes a bit more work to invite others to participate.

    If you haven’t already, experiment with the Johari Window with some friends, family, and/or coworkers.  After filling out the form and comparing notes, a discussion to understand the results may prove even more enlightening.

    Ask for and give feedback daily!

  • Best Firm to Work for Summit is next week!

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    The Best Firm to Work for Summit is coming up next week (September 22-23) in Chicago.  

    DesignFacilitator is proud to be sponsoring this event and to annouce that Mike Phillips will be presenting  a session on Tuesday at 11:15 am entitled “How to Use a Client Feedback System to Improve Your Firm’s Prosperity.”  He should know, his firm, Phillips Architecture, won several ZweigWhite Best Firm to Work For awards the first year that his office incorporated a client feedback system, and is up for more awards this year.

    Here’s a brief description of the event from the site

    Presented by CE News, Structural Engineer, The Zweig HR Letter and the Environmental Business Journal, the two-day conference will explore topics such as retaining top talent in tough times, workforce planning in an economic downturn, firm cultures that motivate and inspire commitment, retooling your current workforce, diversification strategies, staffing and cash flow, managing overhead, training and workforce development, benefits integration, legal issues, and best practices, as well as provide unlimited networking opportunities for all involved in the business of architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting.