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  • How to Eliminate 83% of Your Client Problems

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    How to Eliminate 83% of Your Client Problems

    How do you measure the results collecting feedback has on your business?  Anecdotally, we have heard from many of our Feedback Tool clients that certain situations were brought to light -avoiding problems before they became big.  Client’s seem happier.   Profits have improved.   Those are all great success stories, and we love hearing them.

    But we wanted to dig deeper, and let the actual clients surveyed tell the story, from their perspective.

    We analyzed all the feedback collected in the last two years. 24% of all replies included a score below “Met Expectations.” We then selected just the cases where someone who gave a low score at least once later responded to another survey from the same person.

    We found 1,121 vendor-client relationships that had feedback collected a second time after a low score was given.

    In these relationships, the occurrence of scores below “Met Expectations” went DOWN by over 83%. In essence, those who collected feedback and got a low score were able to adjust and demonstrably improve their service to those clients.

    Would you like to eliminate 83% of your client problems?

    In addition to an overall lower rate of low scores, the overall average scores went up noticeably as well.  If we draw a line for all feedback collected before the low score occurred, and compare it to all feedback collected after, we see the ratings move from just barely meeting expectations to consistently exceeding expectations.

    When you can exceed your client’s expectations, you will keep them around – building loyalty and maximizing the value of your relationship.

    If you aren’t already asking, don’t assume your clients are telling you everything.  When you ask for feedback, you will discover opportunities to improve.  Even better, once you discover a problem, the data shows you can fix it.

    If you want to find out how we can help you find these opportunities quickly, contact us at:   or   866-4-DES-FAC

  • This Week: ZweigWhite Webinar & Metrocon in Dallas

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    Mike Phillips will present a live webinar for ZweigWhite entitled “Improve Your Firm’s Prosperity Using a Client Feedback System” from 2:00-3:30 Eastern on August 10th.

    Learn about a simple but powerful process to enhance the success of design firms by collecting and utilizing client feedback in order to increase project profitability, reduce mistakes and project liability, increase staff satisfaction and accountability, and improve staff training and project assignments.
    Earn 1.5 CEUs for AIA.  Click here for more details or to register.

    And if you’re in Dallas on Thursday, August 12, you can hear Mike speak about Client Feedback in person at MetroCon10 during his session ” Improving the Outcome for Designer and Their Clients.”

    MetroCon is a regional expo and conference organized through an innovative volunteer alliance between the Texas/Oklahoma Chapter of IIDA and the Texas Chapter of ASID.