Client Feedback Tool
  • Power of Client Feedback Webinar

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    The Power of Client Feedback Webinar is now available online for you to view anytime. If you would like to view it now, please click through here:

    The Power of Feedback – Informational Webinar by Ryan Suydam

  • Client Feedback Tool Integration with Deltek Vision

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    Since many A/E/C firms depend upon Deltek Vision to manage their projects and financial information, the video below demonstrates very briefly how you can leverage your existing project management processes to automatically solicit client feedback.

  • Scheduling Surveys – Understanding the Options

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    Client Feedback Tool 4.0 offers the ability to schedule surveys for later delivery.  The scheduling tool is simple to use, but offers many options to enhance flexibility.  Here, we will detail some of the ways you can leverage scheduling to your benefit.

    First, a few notes on why you might schedule a survey.  Surveys have a 20% higher response rate when sent mid-week in the mornings.  As such, you may want to schedule surveys for a Tuesday – Thursday.  Our scheduler automatically delivers surveys around 9am eastern time (-0500 GMT).  You may also desire to set up a series of surveys when planning your project phases.  Firms that choose to deploy surveys automatically (via integration with Deltek Vision or some other third party project management tool) may desire the human review step, and scheduling provides this as well.

    When scheduling surveys, you may specify the following:

    • Delivery Date – this is the date on which the survey will be sent, about 9am Eastern Time.
    • Reminder Date – this is a reminder to the sender that the survey is about to be sent.  If you have scheduled the survey to be sent on behalf of someone else, that person will receive the reminder.  A reminder provides a link back to the Client Feedback Tool to review and/or modify a survey before it is sent.  You can enable or disable reminders.
    • Send Notifications – this notifies the sender when the survey has been sent.  You can use this in addition to or as an alternative to the pre-survey reminder.
    • Survey Disposition – what happens on the scheduled date?  By default, the survey will send on the scheduled send date.  However, if you prefer the survey to expire unsent when the date arrives, you can set it to do so.  You can use this as an approval step when sending on behalf of someone else.

    Putting this altogether, consider a possible use case:

    You schedule a survey to be sent on behalf of a project manager.  You want that project manager to verify the information before the survey is sent, and don’t want the survey to be delivered unless he does.  Schedule the survey to be sent in 7 days, and remind the project manager 6 days in advance.  Tomorrow, the PM will receive an email inviting him to review the survey.  The PM can then click the email link, review and edit the survey, then send it on.  If he disapproves of the survey he may delete it, and if he takes no action the survey will expire automatically.

    The survey queue manager provides a list of all scheduled surveys you have access to manage, so you can quickly see a list of pending surveys, send or cancel groups of them, and otherwise manage your scheduled events.

  • Version 4.0 is here! New Features.

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    DesignFacilitator is pleased to announce the release of Client Feedback Tool version 4!  The new features are available to all users immediately.  Aside from numerous bug fixes and other enhancements, you will find some very helpful new features:

    • Schedule surveys for future delivery
    • Survey queue manager (to manage scheduled surveys)
    • Save a survey as draft before sending
    • Enhanced Enterprise Integration Kit (EIK)
    • Deltek Vision workflow integration
    • New and improved alerts
    • Added support for Project Manager alerts/notifications
    • Enhanced Quadrants Report
    • Enhanced importing / exporting

    In the coming week, we will post additional details about some of these new features to describe them more completely.  Please check in soon.