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  • New Version – Client Feedback Tool v4.3 Released!

    Posted on September 27th, 2011 No comments

    We’re excited to announce the latest release and new features in the Client Feedback Tool version 4.3.

    While we have introduced dozens of minor refinements and fixes, we’re most excited about three new features that were our most popular user requests this year:

    1. Batch Survey Sending: You may now download an Excel template file, copy/paste data from another application accordingly, upload the filled in form, and send dozens or even hundreds of surveys at once.  For large annual surveys, centralizing surveying, or even just quickly starting a feedback process for new customers – this simple process makes managing the sending of survey much easier.  You’ll find this feature in the “Ask for Feedback” navigation section, labeled “Send Multiple Surveys.”
    2. Follow-Up Surveys: The most important aspect of any feedback program is what you do with the responses.  Particularly important is your reaction to scores below Met Expectations.  We have had a “follow-up” tool in place since Version 2.0 of the Client Feedback Tool, but never a clear way to confirm that the follow-up action was effective in producing better results.  Now, at the bottom of each reply, you’ll see two follow-up buttons.  One allows you to (as before) reply or document a reply to the feedback response.  The new button will trigger a follow-up survey.  Upon clicking the “Send Follow-up Survey” button, you will be taken to the Survey Assign wizard, with all steps already filled in.  Simply confirm the information, and click the “Send” button.  If it’s been fewer than 30 days since the reply was logged, the new survey will be scheduled automatically for a later date.  When the recipient responds, the two survey replies (the old and new) will be linked together, so you can review the history, and confirm your follow-up actions produced better results.
    3. Template Search:  You can now search for a survey template by Survey ID or key word when sending a survey.

    Training for these new features will be provided at an upcoming training event.  Current subscribers will be invited to a training event via email shortly.

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