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  • Three Big Reasons Why Clients Leave You … And How You Can Win Them Back

    Posted on October 2nd, 2012 Ryan Suydam No comments

    Howard J. Wolff is the founder of Full-Height Advice, Inc., a consultancy offering advanced marketing strategies to architecture and design firms. Previously, he was the worldwide director of marketing for WATG. He recently authored an article published by the AIA focused on effective client retention strategies. You may find the opening to the article below, and follow the link to the AIA website for the complete text.

    Where have all your clients gone?

    Do you know why a client is no longer working with you? Chances are you might only be guessing. My advice is to pick up the phone and ask.

    You’ll find that clients leave you for three primary reasons:

    1. They feel you screwed up; and you never dealt with it satisfactorily.

    2. They feel neglected; and you haven’t stayed in touch.

    3. They no longer need the services you offer; and you haven’t checked in to inquire about their current situation.

    Let’s address each of these in order.

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