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  • The 2012 A/E/C Industry Summit, a PSMJ Event

    Posted on December 5th, 2012 Ryan Suydam No comments

    The 2012 A/E/C Industry Summit, presented by PSMJ, will be held December 6 & 7 at the Walt Disney World Swan Resort in Orlando.  The conference theme is Massive Change Impacting The Design Industry In 2013 And Beyond, and will include cutting-edge practices that can be immediately implemented and offer secrets to keeping your clients happy and loyal.

    If you’re attending this event, please join Mike Phillips, Founder of DesignFacilitator’s ClientFeedbackTool, for his Friday, December 7 10:15 am presentation: What Clients Will Want From Their Consultants in the Future.

    For more information on the event visit

  • Release 6.5 – Required Project Numbers, Added Data Links, New Report

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    Release 6.5 - Required Project Numbers, Added Data Links, New Report

    Our latest release of the Client Feedback Tool includes several important new features as well as numerous bug fixes.  The major new features are noted below.

    1.  Over the past couple of years we have developed the ability for the Client Feedback Tool to integrate with other software. We are especially proud of our ability to integrate directly with Deltek Vision to help automate survey sending.  Our integration platform works with any open standards-based application – you can even report on feedback results directly from Microsoft Excel.

    For integration to provide consistent results, each project must have a unique Project Number, just like other applications you use.

    How does this affect you?

    • All new Projects will now be required to have a Project Number
    • No two projects can have the exact same Project Number

    For most clients, these changes will have no impact, since they already use unique Project Numbers for all of their projects.

    Should any of your past projects be missing a Project Number, or have a duplicate Project Number, Firm Administrators will see a message when accessing Projects in “My Firm -> Projects” that alerts you to that fact.  As you are able, please update that information.  No action is required if you are not planning an integration.

    Going forward, you will not be able to create new projects with blank or duplicate numbers.  You can, however, use any combination of letters, numbers, and / or symbols in the “Project Number” field, and project numbers can be changed at any time.

    If you have any questions about this change and how it affects your firm, or need some help in setting standards for Project Numbers, feel free to contact us.

    2.  When reviewing feedback results, the data presented often prompts an interest in more information, or related data (e.g. about a project).  We have added drill-down hyperlinks (links) in several reports, so that you can easily view more information without having to leave the current page, and navigate further around the site without having to remember where to find what you want.

    The links initially display a popup with average scores by question category, and you can click a button for More Information to view a full report of all numeric scores and comments.  Some of the reports that have these new links are listed below.

    Ask For Feedback section:

    • The Last Survey Sent Dates Report now has links for Project, Sender and Recipient (first data column)
    • The Send a Survey Reminder Report now has links for Project and Sender (first data column), and Recipient (third data column)

    Review Feedback section:

    • The Surveys Sent Report and Unfinished Surveys Report now have links for Project and Sender (first data column)
    • The Survey Replies Report now has links for Project and Sender (first data column), and Recipient (third data column)

    Follow Up section:

    • The Surveys Needing Follow-up Report and Surveys With Follow-up Report now have links for Project and Sender (first data column), and Recipient (third data column)

    3.  Many users wanted a dedicated report for an individual project or project group.  The Individual Summary Report (under Review Feedback) can now be shown by project or project group in addition to the default of showing by sender.  There is a new option on the Filters tab on the report ribbon where you can make your selection.

    4.  One of our most powerful features is the ability to schedule surveys to be sent at a later date.  This can be done when sending surveys by hand, in a batch, or using our integration with Deltek Vision or other external software.

    When a survey is scheduled, the person creating the survey has the option to send a reminder email prior to sending the survey, and/or send a notification email when the survey is actually sent.  If the survey creator scheduled the survey on behalf of someone else (the sender of record), the sender of record should receive those emails so that they have a chance to review the survey prior to it being sent, and so they know when they are actually sent.  Those scheduled survey emails are now sent to the sender of record instead of the person who scheduled the survey.

    5.  Large firms can have members with the same or similar names.  In order to minimize confusion when importing projects, project managers are now specified by email instead of name.  The Initial  Setup Import Worksheet (Other Resources page) and online help have updated instructions to note this change.

    We firmly believe that all feedback is good, and appreciate your suggestions and feedback.  Some of our best feature ideas come from our users, so please contact us for change requests.