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  • John Doehring shares ‘Ten Top Tips’ in Free Webinar

    Posted on July 23rd, 2014 Sally Orcutt No comments
    John Doehring shares 'Ten Top Tips' in Free Webinar


    Dad was right.

    My dad used to say “It doesn’t matter what you know if you can’t communicate it effectively.” My dad was born and raised in England. I still remember the way he used to cringe when he would hear us ‘butcher’ the English language.

    According to a 2008 NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) poll, companies rate the ability to communicate effectively above work ethic and teamwork when asked what skills they looked for in employees.

    Typically managers spend 75% to 80% of their time engaged in written or oral communication. Think about it, email, team meetings, client meetings (and calls), proposals, reports – these are but a few examples of the ways managers communicate each day.

    Tom Northrup, Management Consultant and author of “Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs Make” says that excellent communication skills create a more productive work environment while poor skills lessen productivity.

    We’ve collaborated with John Doehring to bring you “Ten Top Tips of Totally Terrific Communicators“. His 90-minute webinar brings a fresh and candid perspective on how members of your team can effectively and consistently enhance both internal and external communication. Those attending will learn how strong communication leads to:

    • Increased team motivation and commitment
    • Ability to build your firm’s reputation and increase sales
    • Stronger time management and organization
    • Greater client loyalty through understanding preferences

    REGISTER today (live webinar is this Thursday, July 24th (11 am CST, noon EST, and 9 am PST). Hear practical, actionable ideas and methods for increasing the communication skills on your team.

    Space is limited. (Note: You will receive a login confirmation reserving your space.)

    John Doehring is an industry expert and a nationally recognized speaker. His programs include keynote and focus sessions at regional and national conventions such as ACEC, AIA, NSPE, SAME, SMPS, and SEA. Attendees at his sessions consistently identify his ability to provide action items that can be implemented immediately as a core strength of his message.