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  • The Science (and Neuroscience) of Great Teams

    Posted on March 20th, 2015 Ryan Suydam No comments
    The Science (and Neuroscience) of Great Teams

    I rarely feel compelled to do this but PLEASE don’t miss this webinar on Tuesday 3/24.

    Here’s why.


    As co-founder of a business serving AEC firms, I attend industry events all year. While I’m out there, I look for the 6 – 8 absolutely best presentations to share with you. In the last year, I’ve been to a hundred sessions delivered by industry experts. Most are good. Some are great. A few really catch my heart and mind. And then, there’s this.

    In her presentation, Michelle Brown from SENTIS revealed the science and physiology of the human brain as affected by relationships and services experiences. There’s actual science to explain why and how your clients behave, how that affects your employees, and how to drive changes that increase positive outcomes for everyone. No fluff. Real stuff.

    Does this all sound too cerebral or intimidating (it’s not). It’s just a webinar designed for technical professionals to help them better understand client relationships. People demystified. Behavioral biochemistry. Measureable outcomes and results.

    I hope you’ll go out on a limb with me. Attend this FREE webinar Tuesday, March 24th (1:00 – 2:30 pm ET). You’ll be part of an exclusive group who knows something amazing.

    Register today.

    Michelle Brown is a nationally-awarded leader and consultant who partners with successful organizations to combine neuroscience, human performance, and organizational psychology to deliver improvement in operational performance. As the field of human behavior and psychology expands with new technology and more robust science, we have more insight today than ever before on the impact leadership can have on employee engagement, how employees are more connected to organizational outcomes than we have previously thought, and why business leaders must pay as much attention to the brains within their business as they do to the bottom line. With a focus on people, Michelle has designed and delivered more than a dozen culture change initiatives across the globe, realizing measureable change in productivity, safety and employee engagement.

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