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  • I’m sorry Mr Spock it’s not Logical, it’s Emotional

    Posted on April 9th, 2015 Sally Orcutt No comments
    I'm sorry Mr Spock it's not Logical, it's Emotional

    I’ve always enjoyed Star Trek, especially the original with Kirk and Spock.

    Like me, you likely assume your decisions and behaviors are based on a balance of sound logic and appropriate emotion – a little bit of Spock and not too much of Kirk.

    The reality, based on the neuroscience of our brains, is much more nuanced. What drives each of us to ‘do what we do’ and make the decisions we make is deeply rooted in our attitudes and perceptions, and the chemical reactions happening in our brains as we encounter different situations.

    Client Feedback Tool recently teamed up with Michelle Brown of SENTIS for a webinar ‘The Science (and Neuroscience) of Great Teams‘. Does that sound cerebral and intimidating? It wasn’t.

    Michelle provided insight into what drives human behavior, and yes that includes clients too. She explained why our perceptions so strongly influence our behaviors. And, she shared practical ideas anyone can implement to get more of the outcomes you want from any of the humans in your life.

    The neuroscience of our decisions

    I won’t give the ending away, but consider this. According to Michelle, the same flight/fight response we experience when we perceive we are in physical danger is at play when our brains perceive there is a social threat. The flip side is also true, our brains send us the same signals whether we are eating a delicious donut or receiving a positive affirmation from a member of our team or a client.

    Download this 90-minute webinar today. Watch it yourself and then share it with your team.

    Is there anything MORE important than understanding your clients?


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