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    The DesignFacilitator software development team was conceived by, and developed within, a mid-sized North Carolina architectural/interior design firm. This firm, Phillips Architecture PA in Raleigh, NC, has focused on commercial office space planning for almost two decades. The thirty-person staff developed a blueprint for a software tool that would assist interior designers by handling many of the time-consuming and error-prone mechanics of their profession. Specifically, they designed the software to:

    • Orchestrate the collection of client and project-specific data
    • Translate data into strategy and action items for the designers
    • Create feedback loops for designers to refine the project process
    • Convert project process refinement into client satisfaction and retention

    The designers at Phillips Architecture PA constantly provide feedback to the in-house software development team. Their feedback helps to refine these tools, increasing their effectiveness and making them easier to use. The software team rewards the designers with access to the finest tools in the industry for their use.

    We invite you to share these tools and increase your value to your client and your satisfaction in your work.

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